Notorious B.O.B. Thoughts

8 February 2013

First contest of the year coming up on tomorrow in Orlando. I am looking forward to it. It is always fun to battle with Joey Chestnut. I will be eating chili for 6 minutes.

I was hoping to top my current volume record that I set in 6 minutes, however that was using a soup spoon. We have to use a serving spoon which should be easier. Curious how the numbers will turn out.

21 November 2012

I often get asked “Did you really say that in an interview?” Maybe, maybe not. Here is a link to an article that was written on a site called Gizmodo Link.

Below are the two emails that I sent the author, which is the all of my contact with him.

I am preparing these tips against my better judgment as these are the secrets I have used for many years to dominate the Shoudt family Thanksgiving table. However I feel that it is time to pass this knowledge along to some rising holiday eating stars. If this information is used properly, then they will be able to start a personal eating dynasty of their own.

Preparation is key here. First scan your competitors to see what you are up against. I like to try to spot any “Russo”. A Russo is a very friendly type relative that tries to fly under the radar and yet sneakily will eat up a lot of the food at the table. The more they eat, then the less you can eat.

As you approach the table, make sure you get an end spot. This is a key pivot spot at the table. Kind of like the quarterback in a football game, you determine where the ball or in this case food goes. Another key is to make sure that you get the adult sized utensils and “Russo” gets the small fork and spoon. This will greatly limit his eating abilities.

If possible, place all of the condiment type things: gravy, butter, salt and pepper around “Russo” which will further hinder him. Keep your favorites, which are all foods that you would like to eat at least 2 pounds of, around your spot at the table.

After grace is said, make sure you quickly fill your plate as much as you can. Then on another plate, offer to save some food for a distant relative, that you loudly proclaim, said that they really wanted to make it and may be late. This plate you can then eat from later when said relative texts you that they regretfully couldn’t make it.

Offer to serve the other guests at the table. Have them pass the plate to you and then you give them child size portions, no matter how much they say they want. If they insist on you passing the food around, then pass all things in one direction, except for your two favorites which you send the other way. After your favorites get past a couple of people then tell the next person that they are going the wrong way and have them send it back to you. Once you get them, then just leave them in front of you, pretending that you thought they already went around.

Now it is time to start eating. Food knowledge is key here, this is what separates the big eaters from the really big eaters. Are the mashed potatoes very light and fluffy? If so this will be your year. Most people will tend to wait on them as they think the starches will fill them up. In truth, the light, mashed potatoes will actually go down easy and they can quickly break down and leave your stomach. This will allow for even more food. So I like to get in a quick 2 – 3 pounds of mashed potatoes before anyone else senses what is going on.

Wash the potatoes down with hot liquid, something you should always have a full glass of if you want to be a contender. Next say how delicious the rolls are and how everyone should try a couple. Rolls are the arch enemy of any true volume eater. They take up too much space if you are going for a large amount of weight eaten. True this is further gimmickry, but this is for bragging rights for an entire year, there are no rules in this game.

As you continue with round after round of food, do not fear the turkey. Just beware of the dry meat that was on the outside of the bird. Dark meat will have a higher moisture content and will be easier to eat.

At my house and yours, there is always a ‘swing’ food. Much like the swing state in an federal election, this is very key to eat the majority of this food. Baked pineapple always rules our Thanksgiving table. Everyone wants it. It tastes great, goes down easy and is very dense. If you can eat the majority of that dish, then it is almost impossible not to come out on top. I make sure my wife cooks at least 10 pounds of it and I am good for a solid 6 pounds each year.

By dessert time, I usually have the contest well in hand. However if you are still in a tight race you need to concentrate on the pumpkin pie and avoid all other desserts. You will need to go heavy on the beverage. Get the beverage so hot that it melts the pumpkin pie and it will go down quicker then ice cream on a hot day.

If you still are behind, then make sure that you wear gloves to the table. Not that I have ever tried, but I hear that you can always stash some food in them.

This year I think it will take a good 11 pounds to win the title at my house, but I am trying to get in the teens. If pushed then I am prepared to go up to the low 20s. I have held this title for 33 straight years and I am not planning on losing it anytime soon.

Good luck to you all.
Personally I don’t buy into the whole exercise myth. I think it is just another way that the government is trying to control us. Therefore I try not to exercise at all if I can avoid it, at least in my competitive eating training. I train by drinking large amounts of water. Here is close to the formula that I train with. Take whatever you think is a huge amount of water. Round that up to the nearest gallon. Then add 1 to 2 gallons and that is what I drink to prepare for eating contests. But I have been training for over 10 years teaching my body to accomodate that volume. Much like even trained professionals would get crushed by Mike Tyson when he was in his prime, there are probably on two people on Earth that can even come close to the volume of water I can drink. If we only had a water chugging contest…

I also will not eat solid foods for two days before a contest, to make sure I have enough space for the food.

For Thanksgiving, I am just putting on a show for friends and family. Anything in the 13 + pound range keeps everyone happy. They got a good show and I have plenty of room for dessert. So I just make sure to avoid eating too much at breakfast Thanksgiving morning and I should be good to go.

24 October 2012

Haven’t really updated that much, but I do have some exciting news as I am in the November issue of GQ magazine. Overall I thought Jon Ronson did a good job with the article. Of course whenever you get interviewed, you always have some things that you are sure are going to make it but end up not making the cut.

One of my favorite quotes that did not make the article is below. This is a quote from an email with a GQ assistant before the story went to press.

“During a contest I love thinking how much I am annoying some of the other eaters as they see that I am eating more then they can both eat and hide. I love beating people that wear gloves during a contest. It is well known why an eater has to resort to gloves. It is similar to when an aging actor gets that third facelift. They are desperately trying to fool people but we all know what they are up to.”

23 April

Training hard today with two contests coming up. Walked back and forth across my property today many times. Some people call this cutting grass, I call it training.

22 April 2012
Enjoying the day with the family as I prepare for a back to back this weekend. Wings in Mesquite TX and then corn in Florida