Aaron Franklin Masterclass Review

aaron franklin masterclass

Aaron Franklin’s BBQ masterclass is a fantastic way to learn how to create the ultimate BBQ feast. The course is designed with practical application in mind and includes a workbook that contains lots of useful extra detail. The workbook will help you transfer the techniques you learn in the classroom to your own offset smoker. The course is also eco-friendly, with the use of sustainably sourced wood and animal welfare initiatives.

Texan barbecue

While it may not be as exciting as dining at your local Texan barbecue joint, this masterclass will teach you how to create amazing barbecue dishes at home. Aaron’s methods are easy to replicate and do not include the use of expensive equipment. Instead, he takes a more down-to-earth approach to teaching you how to use different types of barbeques and smokers.

The class also contains a wealth of resources to help you improve your skills and knowledge of barbecue. It covers topics such as how to select firewood, how to build a fire, and how to maintain a consistent fire. It also contains two beginner and one intermediate recipes, including smoked ribs and an advanced Franklin style brisket.

Aaron Franklin’s instructional video covers the basic BBQ techniques, but it also covers more intricate techniques, such as the proper use of a thermometer. The video is easy to follow and has clear instructions. The meats in the recipe are salt-and-pepper rubbed and wrapped in a pink butcher’s paper.

Franklin Barbecue uses simple seasoning, including 16-mesh coarse grain pepper and Post Oak. In addition to the series, Franklin has written a comprehensive cookbook “Franklin Barbecue: A Meat Smoking Manifesto” which he compiled after traveling across Texas to learn about different grilling cultures. It includes a brief history of Franklin’s restaurant, as well as how to build a pit and cook meats in a smoker.

Wood selection

The Masterclass by Aaron Franklin delves into the process of wood selection for cooking. Wood is the primary flavor agent in barbecue, and choosing the right wood is crucial to creating a great barbecue. Using the right type of wood creates the right amount of smoke and heat, which will affect the flavor of the finished dish.

The course begins with an introduction, then includes 15 lessons, each lasting four to 34 minutes. In addition, the course includes a PDF workbook containing more detailed information, illustrations, and diagrams to supplement the lecture content. The masterclass is a must-have for the serious backyard BBQ cook who wants to get the most out of his grill.

The Masterclass offers a wealth of information on making barbecue, including tips on wood selection, cooking on a smoker, and other techniques. It presents everything in one course, and it is broken down into practical recipes and general interest topics. For example, the brisket section has five videos, each lasting between five and thirty minutes.

Although there is some free content on YouTube, the MasterClass provides additional in-depth content. The course also includes an all-access pass that lets you access all of the other classes for one low price. This membership is well worth the money.

Game plan

When you attend the Aaron Franklin masterclass, you can expect to learn some new skills and be able to prepare some fantastic barbecue. You’ll learn how to create a good fire, what to cook first, and how to properly prepare meat. You’ll also learn how to properly handle meat, which will save you time and make the entire experience more enjoyable.

The masterclass is structured with a series of lessons that will help you improve your cooking and train your staff. The course includes learning Texas-style barbecue, how to safely handle wood and fire, and how to grill meat to the proper temperature and speed. There are also some safety tips, such as how to open and close smoker doors. The lessons are designed so that they are designed to be easy to follow. Once you learn these skills, you can practice and perfect the techniques you learn in class.


When you attend an Aaron Franklin masterclass, you are not only learning how to make a beautiful carved piece of beef; you’ll learn the art of preparing it as well. In addition to learning the proper techniques for carving, you’ll also learn how to make some unique sauce recipes. You’ll also learn about brisket trimming, offset, and how to prepare it for barbeque. The course includes plenty of tips and advice to help you perfect your craft.

The course begins with a short introduction, followed by fifteen lessons, each lasting between four and thirty-four minutes. Each lesson also comes with a PDF workbook that provides detailed information and support. The workbook has diagrams and illustrations to help you master the techniques covered in the class. This means that you’ll be able to reference the lessons you learn in a matter of minutes.

The Aaron Franklin masterclass focuses on cooking classic Texan barbecue dishes. This course teaches you how to create the perfect barbecue sauce, a recipe for perfect ribs, and the right way to finish the meat. In addition, you’ll learn how to use a knife that can handle even the toughest cuts of meat.

If barbeque is your passion, this course is definitely for you. Franklin’s cooking methods are reminiscent of a backyard pitmaster, which means that you’ll learn a variety of techniques from charcoal to wood-fired smoke. In addition to BBQ carving, he also teaches you how to cook Texas barbecue. There are 16 lessons total, and the entire course is under 5 hours.


If you are interested in improving your slicing skills, you should check out Aaron Franklin’s video series. His videos will teach you all about how to slice meat, from the basics to more advanced techniques. The course also explains how to properly trim and spritize meat. Unlike other cooking classes, this program is not meant for the amateur. It is also not very cheap.

This course is mostly about brisket, and Franklin spends over 34 minutes talking about the art of brisket. While he covers plenty of other topics, he spends more than 17 minutes discussing the process of trimming and slicing the meat. In addition to brisket, Franklin also talks about other aspects of barbecuing, such as how to assess meat quality and buy it with confidence.

Each MasterClass course is made up of several lessons, each lasting anywhere from four to 34 minutes. Each lesson is accompanied by a PDF workbook with supporting detail. You will find diagrams and illustrations to help you follow along. Overall, the masterclass will give you confidence and knowledge to create amazing meals.

Whether you are a novice or a professional, Aaron Franklin has mastered barbecue on the grill. A 10-part series, “BBQ With Franklin,” features clips from his travels to different regions of Texas to learn more about their grilling traditions. In addition to his TV series, Franklin has written a cookbook, Franklin Barbecue: A Meat Smoking Manifesto, which is a comprehensive guide for barbecue lovers. It also includes tips and recipes to help you build your own barbecue pit.


If you’ve been wondering about the secret to pulling a brisket from a brisket, then Aaron Franklin’s Masterclass can help you learn the ropes. It includes 15 lessons, ranging in length from four to 34 minutes, as well as a PDF workbook that includes illustrations and diagrams.

Although Franklin has put out a lot of free material, his MasterClass is a more professional platform for the information. For $15 per month, you can view his MasterClass course at your leisure and learn how to pull brisket like a pro. You also get access to other courses, like cooking barbecue.

In addition to the techniques discussed in the course, Aaron teaches you how to build a fire and maintain it, which is essential to getting the meat to the right temperature and flavor. Without a proper smoke, your brisket won’t taste as good as you hope. You’ll learn different techniques for smoking and BBQ, and learn how to use paper, cooking oil, and wood to create smoke.

Aaron Franklin is a barbecue pitmaster who is widely recognized for his briskets and pulled pork. In addition to his countless TV and web videos, he has penned a book on barbecue, “Franklin Barbecue: A Meat Smoking Manifesto” that is more than a cookbook. It also includes the story of how Franklin’s restaurant came to be, how he built a pit, and recipes.

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