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Using a Meat Thermometer to Find the Ideal Steak Cooking Temperature

A steak’s cooking temperature determines its tenderness, taste and texture. The ideal cooking temperature depends on your personal preference. There are three cooking temperatures a steak should reach to achieve the ideal doneness: rare, medium-rare and medium. If you’re unsure of your steak’s cooking temperature, use a meat thermometer. Ideal Temperature A steak’s ideal cooking…

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Vegan Grilling Tofu

Grilling tofu is a delicious plant-based option that’s easy to make and pairs well with any side dish. It also doesn’t take long to prepare and is versatile enough for a variety of seasonings and marinades. Start by oiling your grill grates and skewers before cooking. This helps keep tofu from sticking and allows it…

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How to Cook Chopped Pork

Chopped pork can be cooked in several ways. Here are a few techniques to prepare it. Chops are made from loin cuts. They are made from the part of the animal that is closest to the bone. This makes them leaner than other cuts. They are usually served as individual portions. They can be paired…

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