Best Wood for Smoking Chicken on a Paleo Diet

Best wood for smoking chicken on a Paleo diet

Choosing the right type of wood will enhance the taste of your smoked chicken. The wrong type can overpower your meat, leaving it tasting bitter.

Fruit woods like apple, cherry, and peach are great options because they have a mild flavor that will complement your chicken. They also don’t emit too much smoke, so you won’t overpower your food.


Apple wood is a great choice for smokers and grills because it adds a subtle sweet flavor to your food. The wood can also speed up the cooking process.

Its mild taste complements meats such as chicken and pork. This type of wood is best for those who don’t want to overpower their food.

Another benefit of using apple wood is that it can help you cook your chicken quickly. However, it is important to use seasoned apple wood and follow the instructions for smoking in your smoker.


Cherry is a beautiful hardwood that will enhance the taste of your smoked chicken. It also gives the skin of your meat a stunning mahogany color.

Cherries are known for their rich, reddish brown color and fine-grained texture. This makes them an ideal wood for many applications.

The natural color of cherry wood deepens over time with exposure to oxidation and UV light. Luckily, you can slow or completely conceal the oxidation process with a stain or finish.

Cherry is a popular wood for furniture makers and manufacturers because it has excellent bending characteristics, medium strength and resistance to scratches. It is also easy to shape with hand and power tools.


Hickory is a popular type of wood that can add a lot of flavor to your chicken. However, it can be overpowering if used too much.

The best way to avoid this is to use the right type of wood. By using a combination of different types of wood, you can get all the flavors you want without overpowering your chicken.

For example, cherry wood is a good choice because it produces a sweet smoke that won’t overpower the taste of your chicken. Maple wood also produces a mild flavor that is perfect for smoking chicken.


Almond is a popular choice for smokers because it imparts a sweet and delicate smoke flavor to your food. It can be used alongside hickory and other milder woods to make your smoking more diverse.

It also produces a low amount of smoke. This makes it perfect for outdoor cooking in areas that can be bothered by excessive smoke from a fire.

When buying almond firewood, look for seasoned pieces that have reached an ideal moisture content of about 20-percent. This will ensure the wood burns long and hot, creating a good bed of coals for a fire to warm up.


Apricots, scientifically known as Prunus armeniaca, are small drupes that are closely related to peaches and plums. They have a soft, tangy flesh under thin skin.

They are in season from early May to July. They are very delicate and can only be harvested fresh for a short period of time.

The apricot is rich in vitamins and nutrients. It is a source of fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as potassium.


The right type of wood enhances the taste of smoked chicken. It burns hot, yet slow, and gives a delicate smokey flavor that doesn’t overpower the meat.

Peach has a sweet, fruity smoke that’s excellent with chicken and pork. It’s also a good pairing with bolder smoking woods like mesquite to mellow out their intensity.

Smoking woods can also add a delicious flavor to side dishes, such as this Western BBQ Peach Smoking Chips. Pair them with this AIP-friendly BBQ peach salsa to complete the meal.

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