How to Make Pulled Pork at Home

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The first step in making pulled pork is to get the right cooking method. If you’re using a gas grill, make sure the tank is full before starting. After the pork is browned, drape it with aluminum foil. Reduce the heat if necessary to prevent it from burning. Otherwise, you’ll need to use a slow cooker or the oven.


The delicious meaty goodness of pulled pork can be transformed into delicious dishes with just a few simple ingredients. Its smoky flavour pairs well with gooey cheese, green onions and sour cream. For added zing, you can add sliced jalapenos. You can also experiment with other meats to create a unique flavour combination. Pulled pork can be served in a variety of ways, from a simple barbecue sauce to a hearty stew or soup.

This dish is best served on a soft brioche hamburger bun slathered in butter. Cook the brioche bun for about 2 minutes on medium heat, and then add the pulled pork. Top with your favorite coleslaw and enjoy! It’s a great meal to share with friends and family.

One of the most important tips for cooking pulled pork is to use a meat thermometer. When using a thermometer, it’s important to keep an eye on the meat. Using a thermometer can help you ensure the meat reaches a 185-degree internal temperature. For best results, check the temperature every 15 to 30 minutes.

A slow cooker is a great way to cook pulled pork. The slow cooker is an easy and delicious way to cook pulled pork without heating up your entire kitchen. You can also use the smoker or oven to cook the pork.


When it comes to pulled pork, you can make it in a few different ways. One of them involves marinating the meat in a sauce that you can add to it when you are ready to eat it. The vinegar sauce you prepare can be used to season the meat, while ketchup or Worcestershire sauce is often used as a dipping sauce. The meat can also be served with cracklings and coleslaw.

Pulled pork is usually made from the shoulder of the pig. While many people refer to shoulder roasts as “pork butt” or “Boston butt,” these cuts actually come from the pig’s shoulder. A boneier version of the shoulder is called a picnic ham, and that is also an excellent choice for making pulled pork.

The first step is brining the pork. To do this, you can use coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper. While brining, you can also apply a generous amount of rub onto the pork. This rub will ensure that the pork is moist and tasty when you are ready to serve it.

After the pork has cooked, transfer it to a large platter. If possible, allow the roast to rest for 10 minutes before shredding it. Serve the pulled pork with a Carolina-style BBQ sauce with a mustard base. You can also serve it with coleslaw, baked beans, and fries.

Cooking methods

Pulled pork is very versatile and can be prepared in a variety of ways. It can be roasted in a Dutch oven or smoked outdoors. While these methods can result in a tender and flavorful meat, they lack the caramelization that makes the meat crispy and flavorful. Another way to cook pulled pork is in a slow cooker. This method can be used to cook a large amount of pork at a time and skips the step of searing the meat.

A dry rub made of salt, sugar and paprika is ideal for this type of pork. This method will make the meat tender and develop a bark-like crust. However, you need to remember to rinse the pork before cooking so that the mixture does not become too salty. For an extra kick, you can add cayenne pepper, mustard powder, and cumin to the dry rub. In addition to the dry rub, you can also use other spices like paprika and garlic. If you prefer a more exotic taste, you can use a jerk sauce. This style of pulled pork has the characteristic Caribbean flavor.

Pork shoulder, also known as ‘boston butt’, is an excellent choice for this dish. Pork shoulder is usually purchased bone-in and should be cut into 4 pieces. The next step is to rub the pork with spices. This can be done the night before or the next day. Alternatively, you can roast the pork shoulder overnight.


The first step to preparing pulled pork is to make the sauce. You can use a blender to make it. Add all of the ingredients except the pork and puree until smooth. Next, put the pork into a slow cooker and cover it with aluminum foil. Let it cook for three hours, or overnight. Just before serving, add lemon juice to the sauce.

There are many ways to serve pulled pork, including sandwiches, tacos, lettuce cups, and lettuce cups. You can also freeze the meat separately. It can be reheated for up to 2 days in the refrigerator or freezer. Once reheated, it’s ready to serve.

Make the barbecue sauce: To make the sauce, heat a large wok to 325 degrees F. Add the pork and cook until it’s lightly browned. Remove from the pan using a wire-mesh strainer. Discard the remaining oil. Mix together the soy sauce, sugar, rice wine, and cornstarch. Stir well.

While cooking the pork, add a small amount of the sauce before grilling. This should be enough to keep the meat moist. Depending on the pork’s size, it can take anywhere from one to one and a half cups of barbecue sauce. During the last few minutes of the cooking process, place a sheet of aluminum foil on top of the pork to keep it warm and moist.

Serving ideas

When it comes to pulled pork, the sides are just as important as the meat. You can make classic barbecue sides, or try something new. A fresh coleslaw with low-fat mayo or even a vegan version is a healthy option. Both of these dishes are easy to make and will help to round out your meal. You can also try adding some thinly sliced onions and dill pickles to your meal.

Once your pulled pork is cooked and cooled, you can serve it right away, or save it for later. If you don’t want to serve it right away, you can store it in separate containers and refrigerate for up to two days. To reheat it, simply transfer it to a shallow baking dish, and place it in a 350-degree oven. The pan drippings are good to add back into the pulled pork, too.

For extra flavor, you can serve it with a sauce that combines shallots, basil, oil, salt, and red pepper flakes. You can allow the sauce to rest for three hours at room temperature, or for up to two days in the refrigerator. Just before serving, squeeze in a little lemon juice.

Pulling pork can be made in a slow cooker, which holds between five to six quarts of meat. If you are cooking it for a large gathering, make sure to add cole slaw to complete the dish. You can also order a pulled pork sandwich from a local eatery.

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