How to Smoke Salmon in an Electric Smoker

To create an amazing smoked salmon it is important to follow some basic guidelines. The most crucial part is making sure your salmon meat reaches an internal temperature of 135-140 degrees.

After brining your fish rinse it and pat dry with paper towels. This helps to form a pellicle that is an excellent surface for smoke to adhere to.


The temperature of the smoker is vital when smoking salmon. If it is too high, the salmon will dry out during the process and lose some of its natural moisture. On the other hand, if it is too low, the fish will not receive sufficient smoke flavor.

The best way to ensure that the salmon is properly smoked is by using an electric smoker with a built-in probe thermometer. This will allow you to monitor the temperature of the meat while avoiding the need to open the lid.

The amount of time needed to smoke a salmon fillet in an electric smoker varies depending on its thickness and size. A 34-inch fillet should take about four hours to reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees. It is important to check the temperature of the salmon frequently so that it doesn’t overcook and become tough and brittle. It is also a good idea to wrap the fish in foil when it is being smoked so that the skin doesn’t over cook.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

This smoker is a great choice for beginners. It has a simple digital control panel and cooks food quickly. It also has a drip pan and wood chip tray. It is easy to clean and can be used for a long time. Just make sure that you clean it after each use and remove the ash and meat drippings before packing it up.

It is a bit heavy, but the build quality is excellent. Its insulated walls help to retain the heat and smoke. It is one of the few smokers on this list that you can control from a distance using a Bluetooth app.

Its design is sleek and modern, with no unnecessary design elements or bits sticking out. It comes well-packed in styrofoam, so there is little chance of damage in transit. It sits low to the ground, so it may require a lot of stooping or squatting to load and unload food and tend to the smoker.

Salmon Fillets

This recipe for smoking salmon fillets in a smoker will please any crowd. It is also a healthy dinner option that satisfies the recommendations to have one serving of oily fish per week. When purchasing salmon make sure it is fresh and has a clean scent and eyes that are clear.

A food thermometer is recommended so you can monitor the internal temperature of your salmon as it cooks. If the salmon reaches an internal temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it is ready to be removed from the smoker.

Lightly rinse the brined salmon and dry it with paper towels. Sprinkle the salmon fillets with a mixture of salt, brown sugar and pepper. Take a piece of aluminum foil and spread it out to be a little larger than the salmon fillets. Place the fillets skin side down on the foil. Wrap the salmon in the foil and refrigerate for 12 hours. The majority of the smoke flavor is absorbed during this time.

Cold Smoking

Cold smoked salmon is rich and silky with a lingering sweet fragrance from the wood. It is delicious piled on cream cheese smeared bagels or eaten straight out of the package. It is also a great addition to your favorite pasta salad or a filling on a sandwich. You can store it in a vacuum-sealed container in the refrigerator or freeze it for up to one year.

You can cold smoke any type of salmon fillet that you choose, but it is best to use wild-caught fish from the Pacific Northwest. Farmed salmon tend to have more fat and may be less flavorful when compared with wild-caught sockeye or coho. Before putting the salmon in your smoker, make sure to remove any pin bones with tweezers or a pair of clean needle-nose pliers. You can also add a handful of wood chips to the smoker for added flavor. Freezing the salmon before smoking it also helps because when it thaws, liquid will drain easily from the fish.

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