What Is a Kamado Grill?

what is a kamado grill

Known for its 3,000-year history, Kamado grills are traditional Japanese cooking urns. The differences between Kamado grills and other similar grills can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled some information to help you understand this ancient Japanese cooking urn. Learn more about the different types, including the Steel, Ceramic, and Charcoal fireboxes and accessories.

3,000-year-old Japanese cooking urns

Kamado grills are an evolution of the ancient tradition of Japanese clay cooking. The oldest clay pots were used in China, and archaeologists have found remnants of these ancient vessels throughout the world. These pots are believed to be the ancestors of the modern-day KAMADO barbecue grill. In the West, Kamados are mostly known as Big Green Eggs, but they’ve been used in Japan for thousands of years.

The first cooking vessels were made of clay and are believed to date back to over 3,000 years ago. Over the centuries, clay pots evolved in many different cultures around the world, and in Japan, the design included a draft door. Unlike the tandoor, kamado grills were fueled by charcoal and used to cook food. The modern kamado grill has many advantages over the traditional Japanese model. The material is durable and can be used for smoking, grilling, and baking. Modern kamado grills are capable of reaching consistent temperatures of up to 750deg F. Some models also feature a vent system for precise airflow control.

The Kamado grill has a variety of advantages, including a low-heat distribution and slow cooking. Unlike traditional grills, kamado cookware is fuel-efficient and delivers that wood-fired smoky flavor. Its unique design and name originates in ancient Japan. The Kamado grill is an egg-shaped unit with a hinged lid. Its rounded interior is spacious, and airflow between the grate creates an ideal smoke atmosphere. This cooking urn is filled with lump charcoal, which is ideal for smoking food.

Modern Kamado cookers have many benefits. Not only do they cook food at low temperatures, but they also make excellent ovens and smokers. Even in cold climates, Kamado cookers retain heat and smoke, making them ideal for cooking pizza or smoked burger patties. And because they use charcoal, they can be cleaned easily and can last for generations.

Steel or ceramic firebox

One of the most significant decisions you will make with your kamado grill is whether to use a steel or ceramic firebox. Ceramic fireboxes burn hotter and produce lumps while steel fireboxes consume less fuel. While ceramic fireboxes look nicer and are less expensive, they tend to absorb chemicals over time, which may eventually end up in your food. If you are using a ceramic firebox, you should avoid using instant-light briquettes as they can absorb into uncoated ceramics in the firebox.

Whether you choose a ceramic or steel firebox is up to you, but either way you should be able to withstand a moderate amount of heat. Kamados are built with heavy earthenware ceramic clay and are suitable for grilling with wood or charcoal. While ceramic fireboxes are less expensive, they still give you a higher cooking surface area. If you want an oval shape, then a ceramic firebox is a great option.

The quality of materials used to make your kamado grill is critical. Some grill manufacturers choose ceramic over metal because it retains heat better and lasts longer. Make sure to check for a double-walled steel firebox as ceramic does not last forever and can develop microcracks. You can also choose a ceramic firebox for portable cooking if you don’t want to carry a bulky ceramic grill.

If you are not sure if you want a steel or ceramic firebox, you can always go with a ceramic firebox if you’d like to avoid replacing your kamado grill. Some of the more popular ceramic grills include a SloRoller heat deflector, which is supposed to circulate smoke better. Another type is the Kamado Joe. Its cooking grate is a generous 13 inches wide, while a large Big Green Egg features an 18 inch diameter.

Whether you choose a steel or ceramic firebox will depend on the size of your grill. The size of the firebox is critical to its cooking efficiency. If you are not comfortable with the size of the firebox, consider investing in a larger grill with a larger warranty. A ten-year warranty on the body of the grill will provide peace of mind for many years. The ceramic fireboxes tend to be more expensive, so look for a ten-year warranty.

Charcoal firebox

If you are considering buying a Kamado grill for your next camping trip, you will need to choose a model with a coal or lumpwood firebox. Most kamados are made of ceramic with porcelain glaze. There are also steel models that are cheaper but tend to rust out sooner. You should also think about the material of the grate, which can be ceramic, cast iron or powder coated steel.

While a Kamado grill can cook a variety of foods, the charcoal firebox should be cleaned regularly and frequently. The heat deflector is the only part of the Kamado grill that is directly above the coals. You should tighten it on a regular basis. A Kamado grill also includes a fire ring, which is a ceramic piece that separates the charcoal from the cooking grate. Most Kamado grill users fill the fire box with charcoal until it reaches the bottom of the fire ring.

Adding a grate makes cleaning the firebox easy. The AMP Firebox is an innovative charcoal firebox that fits perfectly in the grill’s firebox. It has a grated bottom and sits in the firebox where the lump charcoal is put. This design improves airflow and helps the fire to start sooner. A divider inside the basket lets you light the coal quickly while containing the heat source.

A grate sits at the bottom of the firebox, which means that you can place lump charcoal or briquettes inside. When lighting lump charcoal, place the larger pieces of coal on the bottom, and smaller lumps on top. You can also use leftover lumps. The amount of charcoal you use will depend on how long you want to cook your food. Experimentation is necessary to find out the best amount of charcoal to use.

A grate is an essential piece of equipment for your Kamado grill. The grate is the firebox’s base, while the charcoal is its top layer. The grate itself is made of durable, thick walls. With a grate, you can easily add charcoal and smoke your meat or veggies. A firebox divider also makes cleaning easier. You can also buy a grate divider set if you want to create two distinct zones to cook meat or vegetables.


Without the right accessories, a kamado grill isn’t as efficient as it could be. There are many types of kamado grill accessories available and some are proprietary, while others are generic and designed to work with a variety of grills. These accessories can help you achieve a range of cooking results, so take some time to research what’s best for you. Listed below are the most useful accessories for a kamado grill.

The Kamado Joe SloRoller is designed to replace the Divide & Conquer rack, creating a smoke chamber and evenly distributing the heat. The stainless steel rack is made to slow cook meat at temperatures ranging from 150 to 500 degrees. However, since it sits high up in the grill chamber, the lid may not stay closed as easily as it would with a traditional grill. Nevertheless, it’s worth the money, as it allows you to cook large, delicious cuts of meat without the hassle of adjusting the temperature on the grill.

The slid out drawer from a Kamado grill is a great way to keep the unit out of the weather while using it. The cover is made from dark taupe polyester fabric with a PVC undercoat. The straps are clickable, making it easier to close and secure and not to blow away in the wind. Charcoal chimneys are another great way to start your grill naturally.

Adding a Joetisserie to your Kamado Joe will transform it into a rotisserie. This stainless steel spit can handle up to 50 pounds of meat, and can rotate at a steady pace using the 120-volt motor. When purchased in a set of accessories, the Joetisserie will increase your grill’s life significantly and will help you create the perfect meal.

A grill light is another great accessory to add to your kamado grill. These grill lights are made specifically for kamado style grills and feature 24 bright LED bulbs. The light has two settings, one for a general area of illumination and the other for directional lighting. This grill light can be attached to your Kamado grill with a magnetic bracket and rotating hook. The battery power source is 3 AAA batteries and it is not waterproof.

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