Best Cookbooks For Grilling

best cookbooks for grilling

If you love grilling, there are many great cookbooks to choose from. The best cookbooks for grilling will be those that are easy to follow and contain plenty of recipes. We’ve listed some of our favorites below. These include Franklin Steak, Bobby Flay’s Grill It, Meathead, and Mark Bittman.

Franklin Steak

If you love grilling and steaks, you’ll definitely want to try the Franklin Steak Cookbook. It’s a New York Times bestseller and contains a lot of great grilling tips. It also includes recipes for steak, seafood, and chicken. You’ll be grilling in no time.

Franklin’s book is divided into three main sections: sourcing, prepping, and cooking. The first part of the book takes a look at the history of beef and the various breeds. The second part dives into the different types of steak and how to cook them. In the final section, you’ll find information on dry-aging and how to pair it with the right wine or alcoholic beverage.

Franklin Barbecue is an award-winning barbecue joint in Austin, Texas. It started as a modest trailer, but it has since expanded into a full-fledged restaurant. In this book, Aaron Franklin, the pitmaster, shares secrets to making mind-blowing steaks. In addition to a chapter on dry-aging and the protein, Franklin’s book is an indispensable reference for backyard pitmasters.

Aaron Franklin is a barbecue expert and a celebrity in the food industry. His Franklin Barbecue has won every major barbecue award and been featured in magazines ranging from Bon Appetit to GQ. Franklin is also the host of the hit PBS show “BBQ with Franklin” and lives in Austin with his wife.

If you’re looking for great grilling recipes, Franklin’s Steak Cookbook is a must-have. It contains eleven delicious recipes for brisket, pork ribs, beef ribs, turkey breast, and four sauces. It also includes recipes for potato salad and coleslaw. Franklin’s barbecuing techniques are explained in detail and his obsessions with detail.

Bobby Flay’s Grill It

If you’re looking for a cookbook that’s all about grilling, Bobby Flay’s Grill It is an excellent choice. Flay is a celebrity chef, television host, and author. His television shows have made him an Emmy Award winner. He also owns three restaurants in New York City. In this cookbook, you’ll find 200 healthy recipes featuring Flay’s signature flavors and techniques.

A celebrity chef, Bobby Flay has achieved worldwide fame through his television shows and restaurant business. He has a new cookbook, Bobby Flay’s Grill It, that is full of delicious grilled recipes. Flay’s recipes go beyond simply grilling meat, though. In this book, he provides recipes for marinades, sauces, and more.

Flay’s cookbook covers everything from grilling basics to more exotic foods. He includes recipes for both traditional and ethnic dishes, including Mexican-inspired dishes. The cookbook also includes breakfast recipes. Breakfast dishes include carrot cake pancakes, chorizo-potato cakes, and mole-rubbed steak.

For grilling, Bobby Flay recommends using hardwood charcoal. This adds flavor and creates a crispier texture on grilled food. In addition, he offers a few tricks for cooking with charcoal. For instance, he recommends leaving the lid off while grilling chicken or fish.


The Meathead Cookbooks are a must-have for grilling enthusiasts. These books have received many accolades and awards, including being named a New York Times Bestseller. The Chicago Tribune named them one of the “Best Cookbooks of 2016.” And Christopher Kimball called them one of his “25 Favorite Cookbooks of All Time”.

The Meathead method of grilling is described in an easy-to-read format. In addition to recipes, Meathead also describes the science behind grilling. He uses the expertise of Ph.Ds to unravel the mysteries of the cooking process, and has also developed his own spice rubs and sauces.

The Meathead Cookbook: Meathead is an expert in the world of barbecue. His books are best-sellers on Amazon and have sold millions of copies. He is also known as the “Barbecue Whisperer,” and his website has become a popular resource for barbecue lovers. The book is a great introduction to the art of grilling, and even has plenty of information for seasoned grillmasters.

Grilling Bible: This cookbook is the Holy Grail of grilling. With more than a thousand recipes, the Grilling Bible is a must-have kitchen staple. It transforms basic ingredients into crowd-pleasing meals. In addition to the recipes, the cookbook is full of great photos.

Meathead Grilling Cookbooks: The Meathead Cookbooks feature recipes from renowned grilling experts. You’ll find recipes for beef, pork, seafood, poultry, and vegetables. In addition to recipes, these books provide helpful tips and ideas to help you master grilling. With all of these cookbooks, you’ll be grilling like a pro in no time!

Mark Bittman

If you want a great grilling cookbook, look no further than the work of Mark Bittman. This bestselling author is famous for his straightforward, simple recipes. In this book, he explores the world of grilling, from basics to creative techniques. Whether you’re planning a family barbecue or are grilling for a few friends, Bittman’s recipes will be sure to please. You’ll find recipes for every part of the meal, including vegetables and desserts. You’ll also find quick, high-heat, and slow-cook recipes.

The book includes recipes for everything from charred vegetables to tzatziki lamb burgers. Bittman also gives you variations on every recipe. For example, if you’re preparing a burger, he suggests using thinly sliced capicola instead of bacon. But if you don’t like bacon, you can choose your preferred meat.

Grilling Bible is the holy grail of grilling. With more than 1,000 recipes, it covers almost anything you can cook on a grill. It’s a must-have kitchen essential and will help you turn simple ingredients into a delicious meal for a crowd.

“The Thrill of the Grill” is a classic cookbook. Featuring easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, “The Thrill of the Grill” is a great way to master the art of grilling. For more advanced grilling, “How to Grill: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Grilling Techniques” will take you from beginner to expert.

Another great cookbook for grilling is “Grilling With Golic and Hayes.” This cookbook is a barbecue bible with recipes from a former NFL player and a respected grilling expert. It even has recipes for tofu!

Jess Pryles

Jess Pryles is a bona fide carnivore, author, and TV personality with a passion for all things meat. She is from Australia, but she lives in Texas now and has written three cookbooks about barbecue, including one on smoked lamb shoulder. Her cookbook also includes recipes for beef hand pies and a steakhouse burger.

The book is packed with meat recipes that can be made with grills or smokers. While you won’t find many brisket recipes here, there are many other dishes that will appeal to the whole family. Her cookbooks also offer recipes for smoked meats, wild game, and other meats. You’ll even find a recipe for kangaroo loin. Another highlight is a detailed chapter on how to make lamb leg pastrami.

During the recent barbecue boom, cookbooks have been the best thing to happen to the industry. They are not only more informative than their predecessors, but they also help the craft of barbecue evolve. If you want to elevate your live-fire game, check out these 10 new grilling cookbooks.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced griller, this book will give you the necessary skills to grill delicious food. In addition to easy-to-follow recipes, the book also includes tips and advice on fire management and preserving overcooked meats.

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