Getting Started With a Clam Grill

clam grill

Getting started with a clam grill is easy. There are several different ways to cook clams, but my personal favorite is the foil packet method. This method eliminates the potential for cross contamination and minimizes the dishes you have to clean. It is also very easy to use and can be done at home in a single evening.

Stainless steel clam shell

Stainless steel clam shells are a great alternative to traditional clam shells. They are durable and provide even cooking. They are also easy to clean and resist extreme temperatures. These shells are great for grilling and baking, and are a perfect choice for appetizers or seafood buffets.

Clam shell grills also work great as double-sided grills and can help operators expand their menus by creating two separate cooking surfaces. Clam shell griddles are available in various sizes, gas or electric, and come with a range of different cooking surfaces. However, they require regular cleaning and maintenance. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean them.


If you’re a foodservice professional and want to save money on electricity and labor costs, consider purchasing a lightweight clam grill. This unique device has two plates and uses less energy than a flat grill and occupies less space. It also requires less time to cook food than a flat grill. Some models have adjustable temperature and cooking time controls to suit different cooking needs. Moreover, some clam grills have a USB port for adding additional settings, which can help you produce your products fast during peak times.

This grill allows you to grill clams without any hassle. Once you have prepared them, all you need to do is place them on the grill’s grate. The heat will open up the shells, releasing the clam’s juice. You can also place a foil packet on the grate to catch the juices.

The Iroda O-Grill grill, which was manufactured before 2010, is a lightweight propane clamshell grill. It has steel bodies and cast-iron cooking surfaces, a spout, and retractable legs. It uses 1-pound cylinders and works with standard propane tanks. The grill is available in orange and features the name “O-Grill” in the grill’s metal cover.


The durable clam grill can be used for a variety of cooking applications, from grilling to baking. Its stainless steel construction ensures even cooking and is easy to clean. You can also use the clam shell as a serving dish for various appetizers, crab cocktail and even a mini dessert.

Clam shell grills should be cleaned at least once a day, but food service operations may need to clean it more often. Operators should clean the unit with a non-abrasive cleaning product. They should also avoid the use of sharp or abrasive cleaning tools, as they may damage the grill’s cooking surface. After cleaning, the grill should be inspected for wear and tear. It may need to be lubricated or repaired.

The clam grill also has a removable blade for easy replacement. The clam shell shape is also ergonomic, which prevents injury. This grill also has a clamshell hand guard, which protects the front hand from hot metal. Its blades are angled in such a way as to minimize damage to the blade.

Clam grills have two benefits: they require less space and cook faster than flat grills. In addition, they require less time for training and cooking, making them a more cost-efficient option.


Reusable clam grills are a great way to prepare seafood and to serve them to your guests. Made from stainless steel, they are durable and offer even heat distribution. They are also easy to clean and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. They can also be used to create upscale appetizers or side dishes with sauces.

One great feature of a reusable clam grill is the clam shape. It makes for a unique presentation of the food. The heat is necessary to bring out the full flavor of the clam. Moreover, a clam grill is reusable, which means you can use it many times for various cooking sessions.

To keep your clam grill in top condition, you should regularly clean it. It is best to clean it once a day. However, some food service operations may need to clean it more frequently, depending on the type of product or the amount of usage. To clean the grill, use the manufacturer-recommended cleaning solution, avoiding harsh or abrasive products. Also, do not use sharp cleaning tools because they could damage the cooking surface. Regularly inspect and clean the grill, because it may need lubrication or other maintenance.

Another benefit of a clamshell grill is that it helps reduce cooking time by half, and you can prepare twice as many products. This can reduce your labor costs, and you can serve more customers. This type of grill is perfect for quick service operations or restaurants that require large quantities of the same menu item.


A fast-growing QSR chain wanted a clam grill that would deliver a better product faster and with more consistency. With a few adjustments to the process, they were able to produce a higher-quality product in less time with the same amount of space. And, the programmable clam grill was able to meet both of these criteria. The Garland XP36 Xpress clam grill features a USB interface and a large, high-quality stainless-steel construction.

Programmable clam grills are easy to use and can be adjusted to a range of different temperatures. Because the temperature is evenly distributed across the entire surface of the grill, they allow operators to reduce their labor costs and increase the speed of service. Programmable clam grills come with one-touch menu selections and USB ports that allow operators to instantly update menus. This is an excellent choice for multi-location restaurants because it allows operators to share recipes and make changes quickly, saving them both time and money.

Programmable clam grills also feature features like a self-leveling lower platen and a programmable timer. These features enable employees to cook products in large batches without sacrificing the quality. This feature makes these clam grills an excellent choice for restaurants with a large number of customers and menu items.


A double-sided clam grill, also known as a clamshell, is a productivity-enhancing griddle accessory that allows kitchen staff to prepare multiple batches of product in a single cooking zone. This type of grill is ideally suited for fast-casual and quick-serve restaurants, as well as fast-casual sport/recreation facilities.

Aside from being able to cook a variety of foods, the clam shell grill is programmable and can be used for a number of other tasks. It can cook pancakes, bacon, grilled salmon, prawns, steaks, chicken breast, burgers, and more. It is easy to use, and the multi-function design means that you can cook several different meals at once.

The stainless steel surface of a clam shell grill provides even heat distribution for consistent cooking. This means that the shell will not corrode and is easy to clean. Moreover, the clam shell grill surface is remarkably durable, so it can withstand a wide range of temperatures. It can be used for grilling, baking, or preparing different kinds of appetizers or seafood buffets.