Grilled Steak Sides and Admisions

Grilled steak sides and accompaniments

Whether you’re cooking for yourself or hosting a special dinner, you’ll need some tasty side dishes and accompaniments to go along with your grilled steak.

If you’re stuck for ideas, look no further than this list of 37 fantastic side dishes that pair perfectly with your steak dinner! From mashed potatoes and creamy mac & cheese to light salads and grilled vegetables, this collection has all the options you need for an unforgettable dinner.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a classic side dish for grilled steak. They are incredibly creamy and delicious.

When making mashed potatoes, choose the right kind of potatoes. Russet or Idaho potatoes work best because they are starchy and add a rich, dense texture to the mash. Yukon golds are also good, but their texture is a bit smoother and more buttery than russets.

Once boiled and drained, mash the potatoes with warm milk and butter, salt and pepper. Be sure to add the milk in small increments until the mash is creamy and thick enough for you liking.

Make sure you don’t overmix the potatoes or they will become gummy and clumpy. Use a hand or stand mixer if possible, but a potato masher will also do the job!

Brussels Sprouts Slaw

Shredded cabbage and Brussels sprouts are mixed with a tangy creamy lemon honey dijon vinaigrette to make this simple, yet refreshing side dish. This slaw can be a great complement to grilled steak.

To make the slaw, first wash and trim the ends of the Brussels sprouts and remove any browning or wilted outer leaves. Then, thinly slice them by hand or in a food processor fitted with a shredding attachment.

This slaw is sweet, savory, and perfect for fall. Fresh toasted almonds and dried cranberries add crunch to the mix, while pomegranate seeds give it some extra pop of color.

The dressing is a simple blend of olive oil, mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, honey, Dijon mustard, garlic, salt and pepper. It comes together fast and makes a delicious and versatile side dish. It can be used with a variety of meats, including a grilled steak or chicken breast. The slaw also holds well for up to a week in an airtight container.

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables are an excellent side dish for grilled steak because they add a delicious, light flavor. They pair well with fatty cuts of meat and lean options like filet mignon.

They don’t take away from the savory flavors of steak or fish, and they’re easy to make. They can also be made ahead of time and reheated in the oven for a quick dinner.

Root vegetables, like potatoes, parsnips, and sweet potatoes, are classic choices for roasted veggies, but you can use whatever your crisper drawer holds. Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts, also work well roasted.

To roast vegetables, start with a seasoning mixture of salt, pepper, and olive oil. Toss the vegetables to coat them in the mixture. Then spread them out on a sheet pan in a single layer.

Caramelized Mushrooms

Caramelized mushrooms are a great side dish for grilled steak because they add moisture, texture, and flavor to meals. The secret to getting perfect caramelization is to cook at medium high heat.

This helps keep the spongy texture of mushrooms from becoming soggy while sauteing. It also allows the savory mushroom flavors to develop without burning or browning too quickly.

Aside from being a great steak side, these mushrooms also make a fantastic accompaniment to a number of meaty meals including chicken and pork chops. They are particularly delicious when mixed with caramelized onions for a more robust side dish.

To make the caramelized mushrooms, simply slice up some baby bellas or other mushroom varieties like white button and shiitake mushrooms. Saute them in butter and olive oil until golden and caramelized. Then mix in garlic and thyme for added flavor and umami. You can also add a bit of soy sauce to help boost the savory mushroom flavors even more.

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