Grilling Steak With Butter

Grilling steak with butter

Grilling steak with butter is an easy way to add extra flavor. This technique is also great for vegetables, fish and poultry.

The key is to keep the meat moist and to flip it often. This ensures that you’ll get that perfect crust without overcooking the inside.

Use Clarified Butter

Clarified butter, or ghee, is pure butterfat that has the milk solids and water removed. It can be used as a cooking agent or a base for sauces.

Using clarified butter is an excellent way to get perfect searing and char marks on steaks. The butter also helps the meat stay moist and tender while cooking because it draws out excess moisture that would otherwise steam the steak.

To make the clarified butter, place a small amount of unsalted butter in a saucepan over low heat. Allow the butter to melt slowly and separate into three distinct layers. The top layer is foamy and the clear golden middle layer contains pure butterfat; the bottom layer has the milk solids and water.

After the butter has melted, skim off any white foam that rises to the top. Then pour off the yellow liquid and the residue of milk solids that has settled at the bottom of the pan.

Brush or Rub

One of the best ways to make sure your steak comes out with a great crust is to brush it or rub it. The former is a great way to achieve a crisp surface while the latter is an easy, inexpensive method for creating a delicious, herbaceous flavor.

The key is not to overdo it on the seasoning. Too much salt and pepper can overpower your steak, while a small amount of herbs and spices will add a nice complement to the meat’s natural flavors.

Another tip is to cut your steak against the grain, which will help break down the meat fibers and create a more tender bite. This is especially important on thicker cuts of beef, which can be tough to chew.

When grilling, brush or rub your steak with butter to get a delicious, crunchy crust. This will help lock in the juices during cooking and keep your steak moist and flavorful.

Flip Often

While this idea is a bit of a myth, multiple culinary experts say that flipping steaks more than once is the best way to get them cooked correctly. It’s a faster method and produces better results.

For starters, the meat is browned and cooks more evenly with this technique than it would with a single flip. It’s also a better way to produce that delicious seared crust on steak, especially when grilling thicker cuts of beef.

In addition, flipping multiple times allows the surface moisture to evaporate, augmenting browning.

This all adds up to a much better steak, whether you’re cooking in the oven or on the grill. Plus, it’s a faster way to serve your meal—you’ll end up saving about 30% of the cooking time!

Keep It Simple

Grilling steak with butter is a simple yet delicious way to add extra flavor and texture. It is also a great option for a low-fat meal that is still full of flavor.

The key to making a perfect crust on your grilled steak is temperature. You want to keep your grilling temperature above 450 degrees Fahrenheit, or at least slightly below that temperature.

Using an instant read thermometer is a good idea to ensure that your steak cooks to your desired doneness. No one wants overcooked steak, and you want to avoid dry or undercooked steaks too.

Flipping often is important when grilling steak with butter. It allows you to form that beautiful brown crust that holds the juices inside your steak.

Once you are happy with the color of your steak, let it rest for 5 minutes before cutting into it. This will continue to cook it a bit as it rests and redistribute the juices in your steak, so it will be juicy and perfect when you cut into it!