Grilling Steak With Wood

Grilling steak with wood

Using wood to grill steak is an easy and healthy way to get great flavor. You can use a variety of different woods to give your meat a rich and delicious smokey flavor.

When choosing the right wood for your grilling, it’s important to choose a fresh green or air dried wood. Kiln dried wood is also a good choice because it kills insects and molds, making it safer for restaurants to use on their grills.


Alder is a soft hardwood that can be used for grilling steak. It imparts a delicate smoke flavor that won’t overpower the meat.

This wood is a popular choice for smoked salmon and other seafood, as well as poultry and pork. You can also use it to grill vegetables and even cheese.

Alder is a versatile wood that’s easy to work with and stain. It dries to an even honey color and accepts a variety of stain types, including natural. It is also resistant to splinters and can be sanded to a smooth finish.


Cherry is a popular wood used to grill steak. It adds a sweet smoke to the meat. It’s also a good choice for grilling cheese.

Cherry wood is a hardwood, meaning it comes from a deciduous tree (a tree that sheds its leaves in the autumn). Its heartwood ages to a pale salmon color and then to a reddish brown over time.

It’s an excellent choice for smoking meats, especially if they’re mildly flavored or delicate. It can be used to smoke pork, chicken, fish, cheeses and more.


Hickory is one of the most popular woods for grilling steak. It is a dense wood that burns steadily, producing a long-lasting supply of smoke that’s ideal for long-cooked cuts.

Hickory smoked food offers a bold flavor that complements a wide range of meats. It’s more intense than alder and fruit woods like cherry, but milder than mesquite.

Hickory comes from deciduous trees in the genus Carya, which is comprised of around 18 species native to North America. Although most of these species are primarily used for fuel, some species produce edible nuts or lumber. These include black hickory (Carya nigra), beaked hickory (Carya sinensis) and pecan hickory (Carya pallida).


Grilling steak with wood helps give it a smoky flavor that your oven or stovetop can’t. It also helps prevent a charred crust from forming on the surface of the meat.

Oak is a popular choice for smoking meat because it provides a heavy smoky flavor that complements the flavors of many dishes. It is especially good on brisket, sausages and pork.

Besides adding flavor to food, oak trees support lots of different living things. The acorns they produce are eaten by mammals like squirrels, badgers and deer, while their leaves are eaten by insects and used as a source of nutrients by other plants and fungi.

Regardless of the species, oaks are important parts of the environment. They are a vital habitat for lots of different creatures, and it’s essential to keep them alive.


If you’re looking for a smoky flavor for your steak, mesquite may be the wood for you. Mesquite has a higher lignin content than most other hardwoods, so it creates more intense smoke flavors.

It is also better suited to grilling meats that cook quickly, like brisket or steaks. It is also a great alternative to charcoal when you don’t want to deal with the harsh smoke.

Mesquite is also a popular ingredient for seasonings, rubs and sauces. Its sweet and smoky flavor is a perfect match for many barbecue dishes.

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