The Best BBQ Guru Fans For Your Smoker

bbq guru fans

The BBQ Guru recommends using 2 Pit Bull fans with a smoker. They work with their HeaterMeter fan splitter, as well. Other large fans may work with your smoker, too, but you’ll probably need a couple of Pit Bull fans. If your smoker isn’t as large as the BBQ Guru’s Pit Bull, you’ll want to consider another large fan to supplement the SmokerMeter.


Adapters for barbecue guru fans can be used to fix the grill on ceramic models. The adapter fits over the cover slide of the grill. The cover slide is attached to the grill using two screws. The angled metal on the bottom of the grill replaces the original one. To install the adapter, you need to cut a small hole in the cover slide. After that, install the BBQ Guru adapter and replace the cover slide.

If you already have a BBQ Guru grill, you can use an adapter from the manufacturer. The adapter fits the grill if it has a 3/4-inch thread. This type of adapter is also designed for use with fan kits for 55-gallon drums. This adapter has an internal diameter of 31 mm. You need the BPS Bottom Vent Slide Mount if you want to use the adapter.

Pit controllers

Pit controllers for barbecue guru fans have many benefits. Most come with built-in alarms – some are programmable and automatic – that tell you when your meat is cooking at the right temperature. Other features may include a lid-opening alarm or an over-temperature or under-temperature alarm. The base alarms are often audible, ensuring you always know if your meat is done.

Another pit controller that’s ideal for beginners is the BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2, a thermostatic controller with an extra probe that monitors meat temperatures. This configuration tested used a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker adapter, a 10 cfm blower fan, and a temperature probe. It was well-built, which is important for BBQ gurus. You should know that the price of a Pit Controller will depend on your budget, but a good one shouldn’t break the bank.

Another barbecue guru fan should be aware of temperature swings in their pits. While an alarm can alert you to a rising temperature, you may not have time to adjust the airflow in time. In addition, if the pit temperature drops too much, you may have to make a second adjustment to bring the meat’s temperature back up to the desired level. Pit controllers for barbecue guru fans are essential to a consistent and delicious barbecue.

A good Pit Controller is also a must-have if you want to improve the performance of your smoker. It will control the temperature of your smoker, allowing you to cook at a low temperature without sacrificing the quality of your meat. Using a Pit Controller is not hard and most of them come with an adapter. To connect your smoker to a Pit Controller, you must close the intake dampers first.

Another barbecue guru fan product worth checking is the Flame Boss 500 WiFi. It’s an excellent choice for busy people, as it prevents overcooking meat and makes your neighbors jealous. Another barbecue guru fan who wants a simpler Big Green Egg temperature controller can consider the BBQ Guru DigiQ DX3. The DigiQ DX3 is a basic temperature controller, lacking any fancy features. Despite the high price tag, this controller will keep your Big Green Egg from overcooking and will give you accurate temperature results.


The fans for BBQ Guru smokers come with built-in dampers and rugged slides for increased stability. They are easy to install, and come with an adaptor for nearly every smoker on the market. The precision-sealing makes replacement parts easy to find. If you’re having trouble finding the right fan for your smoker, customer support is responsive and helpful. Customers have also reported that the fans work well with the HeaterMeter, which means they can use them with most smokers.

This American-made grill comes with temperature controls. Temperature controls start with a high-precision digital thermometer inside the cooker, which sends readings to the main control unit. The temperature gauge measures fluctuations and adjusts the fan blade system to feed the right amount of oxygen into the cooker and intensify the heat from the charcoal. With cutting-edge technology, BBQ Guru fans make great outdoor cooking a breeze. BBQ Guru fans are a testament to this.

CyberQ Wi-Fi system

The top of the line in the BBQ Guru lineup, the CyberQ is a Wi-Fi system that allows you to monitor the internal temperature of the food and set it to finish at the perfect time. This system even offers wifi connectivity, so you can check your food’s temperature while you’re away from home. The CyberQ also has three food probes that can be programmed to notify you by email when it’s ready.

The CyberQ Cloud has many programmable features, like Open Lid Detection to avoid huge temperature swings. Moreover, the CyberQ Cloud Temperature Controller is designed to recognize when your grill’s lid is open to prevent excessive temperature swings. It also features Ramp Down technology, which decreases temperature as the food becomes hotter. When you’re cooking, an alarm sounds, so you can silence it by pressing a button. CyberQ Cloud can also notify you by email and phone when the food reaches the desired temperature.

The CyberQ Cloud is a WiFi thermometer and pit temperature controller designed for charcoal and wood-fired grills. It also regulates airflow through the cooker. With its built-in power draft blower, the CyberQ Cloud automatically sends the proper amount of oxygen to the food. This ensures the food is cooked to the perfect temperature and flavor. It can even be controlled remotely through a Web browser.

The CyberQ Cloud is compatible with a wide range of smokers. It’s compatible with Pit Viper and Pit Bull fans. Depending on your needs, it might not work with your smoker. CyberQ Cloud works with most smokers in the market, including homemade ones. It has a large memory and processor, and can automatically regulate temperature and ramp up and down. It even has a battery backup! With the help of the CyberQ Cloud, you can turn your charcoal smoker into a high-tech oven!

The CyberQ Cloud has numerous features, and it’s not difficult to see why the BBQ Guru is so popular. It makes smoking on charcoal a breeze and provides social aspects for fans of the brand. You can connect with other BBQ enthusiasts worldwide through the CyberQ Cloud. With so many options available, you’ll find the best one for you. It’s worth a look! Just make sure to check the product description and the warranty before buying.

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