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The Scary Art of Low and Slow Smoking

“Low and slow smoking” can indeed be a fascinating and thematic addition to Halloween parties. By playing up the “scary” and smoky aspects of this cooking method, you can create a unique and memorable culinary experience for your guests. The goal of a low-and-slow cooked cut like a pork butt or brisket is to make…

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Graveyard Grilling – Smoking Scarily Good Meats For Halloween

Halloween is about more than just costumes, candy and spooky decorations. It’s also a great opportunity to bring some spooky food into the mix. A simple cake and some spooky snacks will give your party a hauntingly delicious twist. How to Smoke A few ghoulish touches and your pellet or charcoal smoker can transform some…

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Halloween Ribs

Creating Bone-Chilling Smoked Ribs For Halloween

Ribs cook low and slow for melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. It’s important to plan ahead and be patient–ribs are done when they are ready, not when you say so. You can test for doneness without a meat thermometer; simply wiggle a bone and if it bends easily, the ribs are ready. Preparation There are many things you…

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The Haunted Smokehouse – The Art of Smoking Meat for Halloween

Smoking isn’t just cooking, it’s an art that has evolved over centuries. It’s also a preservation technique that dates back to primitive cavemen. This Halloween, bring a smoky twist to your cocktails. A little smoke goes a long way in spooking and delighting your party guests. It can even heighten the effect of their favorite…

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Smoking Salmon in a Smoker

Before smoking salmon, it needs to be rinsed to remove the seasoning mixture and then patted dry. This helps it develop a pellicle that holds in moisture during the smoke process. It is also a good idea to look for any pin bones in the fillet and pull them out using a pair of needle-nose…

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Smoking Salmon on Pellet Smoker

Smoked salmon is easy to make on a pellet smoker and is a delicious, healthy meal. This recipe for smoked salmon features both a rub and glaze that elevates the flavors. The simplest way to prepare salmon is with a dry brine, which includes brown sugar and salt. Diamond Crystal kosher salt is preferred over…

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How to Smoke Salmon in an Electric Smoker

To create an amazing smoked salmon it is important to follow some basic guidelines. The most crucial part is making sure your salmon meat reaches an internal temperature of 135-140 degrees. After brining your fish rinse it and pat dry with paper towels. This helps to form a pellicle that is an excellent surface for…

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Smoking Salmon – How to Get the Best Flavor

The curing process (or brining) of salmon helps it retain moisture and flavor as it is smoked. This also helps the salmon to form a critical pellicle that is essential for absorbing smoke. It’s important to keep track of the smoking temperature and the internal temperature of your salmon. Use a high-quality meat thermometer with…

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Smoking Salmon on a Traeger Pellet Grill

Smoked salmon is a delicious, healthy, and versatile addition to your diet. This recipe is quick and easy to prepare with only a few simple ingredients. The first step is to dry brine the salmon. This is much easier and less messy than wet brining. It also has the added benefit of creating a firmer…

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Smoking Salmon Recipes

When hot smoking salmon you will want to use a dry brine. The brine will season the fish as well as intensify and bind the proteins together. Wash and pat dry salmon fillets. Mix dill, black pepper, and lemon zest and rub onto the skinless side of the salmon. Brine Salmon lox, the kind of…

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