Grilling Lobster Tails on Gas Grill

Grilled lobster tails are a simple way to enjoy this luxurious seafood delicacy. This recipe is easy enough for a weeknight and elegant enough for dinner with guests.

Start with fresh or frozen lobster tails. Choose those that are a bright red color and free of any blemishes or spots. Brush all over with olive oil and season with salt and black pepper.


Lobster tails are a luxurious seafood treat, and it’s easy to grill them on your Weber gas grill. If you’re serving them as a special occasion, consider adding some herbs or spices to the butter you brush them with before grilling.

To prepare lobster for grilling, start by using kitchen shears to cut the exposed flesh portion away from the lower shell. Then, use a knife to cut through the top membrane but not the bottom one. This method prevents the lobster from curling as it cooks, and it allows you to keep the shell as a convenient basin for the melted butter.

To grill the lobster tails, preheat your grill to medium heat. Then, rub the tails with olive oil and season them with salt and pepper to taste. If the tails are particularly large, you may want to skewer them with a metal skewer lengthwise. This will help prevent them from curling during cooking and will also make it easier to flip them.

Place on the Grill

Whether fresh or frozen, lobster tails are quick to cook. You don’t need to boil them before grilling, but do a brief marinade to infuse flavor and add moisture. You can also skewer them before grilling, which helps keep them flat and ensures they cook evenly.

Using kitchen shears, cut through the top of each shell, but don’t cut all the way through the lobster meat. Open each shell like a book and pull apart slightly, so the lobster meat is exposed. Skewer the lobster tails lengthwise if desired, which will help them stay flat and not curl during cooking.

Brush the cut side of each lobster tail with oil and season with paprika, pepper, garlic powder, and salt. Place lobster tails, flesh side down, on a preheated gas grill over indirect heat for about 10 minutes or until their internal temperature reaches 140 degrees F. While they’re grilling, baste frequently with the butter sauce to moisten and add flavor.

Cooking Time

If you’re grilling lobster tails from frozen, be sure to thaw them overnight in the refrigerator. You can also thaw them on the same day by placing in a sealed plastic bag and immersing in cold water. Never cook them from warm or hot water, or they won’t be tender and juicy.

Use kitchen shears to cut a lengthwise slit down the center of the lobster shell, being careful not to cut into the meat. Flip the lobster tails over and gently separate the shell from the meat (a little bit of effort is needed).

Brush the lobster tails with the garlic butter mixture and sprinkle with salt. Grill the lobster tails on indirect heat for 10 minutes. Turn and baste the lobster tails with the butter mixture once halfway through the cooking time. Lobster tails are done when the meat turns a bright pink and the shells become slightly charred. Serve the grilled lobster tails drizzled with the remaining butter mixture and garnished with parsley.


Once the lobster is cooked, serve it with your favorite sauce or marinade. You can also grill some veggies for a nice contrast to the richness of the lobster. This is a great meal to serve at a fancy seafood restaurant.

To prepare the lobster tails, start by using kitchen shears to cut through the top shell, just enough to loosen it up slightly. Then, use a knife to cut almost but not completely through the bottom shell. Next, insert a wooden skewer lengthwise through each lobster to keep it from curling up while grilling.

Then brush the lobster tails with olive oil and season them generously with salt and black pepper. Place them on the grill and cook until the meat is opaque, about 10-15 minutes. Once finished, brush with the remaining garlic lemon butter and enjoy! This makes a fantastic appetizer or main dish for any occasion. If you are serving this for a special occasion, you can garnish it with fresh parsley and lemon wedges.