Venison Jerky Seasoning

Venison jerky is an easy and fun way to add meat protein to your diet. It’s naturally lean and low in fat, making it a good choice for people who want to cut calories.

The first step in making venison jerky is preparing the meat. You need to make sure that you use a lean cut.

Popular Blends

There are a lot of great flavors to choose from when making jerky. There are sweet, smoky, spicy, and even Kentucky bourbon jerky recipes!

You can make jerky with ground meat or thinly cut strips. You can dry it using a smoker, a dehydrator or a confection oven.

Jerky seasoning is an easy way to add flavor to your jerky. The right seasonings will not only add a delicious flavor to your jerky, but will also help prevent the growth of bacteria.

A good jerky seasoning blend will contain garlic, onion and spices. They will also add the flavor of the meat you are using.

Common Ingredients

In addition to salt, many jerky seasoning recipes also include garlic powder, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. These ingredients can boost the flavor of venison while preventing the meat from spoiling.

The savory and sweet flavors in Worcestershire sauce complement the earthy and slightly spicy flavors of venison. It’s the perfect balance to make a simple but delicious jerky.

Venison jerky can be made with a variety of cuts of meat. Lean cuts, such as hind leg muscle roasts and backstrap, are ideal for jerky making because they won’t spoil easily.

Slice thickness determines whether your jerky will be chewy or brittle. The thicker slices will yield a harder jerky, while the thinner ones will produce a more chewy jerky that doesn’t dry as well.

Health Benefits

Venison is a great source of protein and iron. It also contains B12 vitamins which promote energy levels and help protect against anemia. It is low in calories and fat.

Venison jerky is also high in Omega-3 fatty acids which can help with weight loss and brain health. These nutrients are also known for reducing inflammation in the body and are good for overall cardiovascular health.

Another benefit of venison jerky is that it is low in sodium. This is important for people with high blood pressure or who have diabetes. Having too much salt in the body can lead to bloating and weight gain.


If you are looking for a way to preserve your deer meat, jerky is a great option. It can be stored in a variety of ways, including in a freezer or fridge.

The length of time that your jerky will last depends on how you store it and how well you package it. Improper packaging can open doors for microorganisms, air, and light to enter the jerky, spoiling it.

A resealable freezer plastic bag is the most effective method for storing homemade jerky. This will keep out the air, moisture, and light, keeping your jerky fresh for up to 6 months.

Venison jerky can also be stored in a vacuum-sealed bag for long-term storage, but this technique can negatively impact the texture of the jerky. It is also much less portable than a freezer plastic bag.

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