Venison Jerky Smoker

Venison jerky smoker

If you like jerky but don’t want to use beef, venison is a great option. It’s lean and can be smoked easily.

To smoke venison jerky, start by marinating the meat in a sauce made of a mixture of soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, and other seasonings. Then, smoke it for a couple of hours.

Choosing a smoker

Smoking venison is a great way to prepare the meat without losing its tenderness or flavour. You can find a variety of cuts that are suitable for smoking, including the backstrap and shoulder.

You’ll need a smoker that has a temperature and air control system, such as a Kamado or charcoal smoker. These models typically use dampers to maintain consistent temperatures and control the fire.

You can also opt for a gas or electric smoker, but make sure that you get one with a wood chip tray as this helps you infuse the meat with smoke flavor. It also makes monitoring and setting the temperature and time super-easy!

Getting started

Jerky is a popular snack, and one that can be made in many ways. A smoker is a great way to get started, but you can also use a dehydrator to make venison jerky.

To start, you’ll need to slice the venison into one-quarter inch thick strips. Choosing the correct cut is crucial for making good jerky.

If you want a chewy jerky, cut the meat with the grain, and for a tender jerky, slice it across the grain. It is important to partially thaw the roast before slicing it, as this will allow you to get consistent and even slices of meat.

The next step is to mix the spices into the sliced venison and marinate the meat for at least eight hours in the spices. The meat will soak up the marinade and will become more flavorful.

Preparing the venison

Venison is a tasty meat that can be paired with a variety of herbs, spices and wines to create a delicious meal. It can also be smoked to enhance the flavors.

If you are making venison jerky, you will need to prepare the venison before you smoke it. A basic marinade will infuse the venison with flavor while tenderizing it at the same time.

To make a marinade, you will need salt and sugar along with a number of different spices. The spices will help infuse the venison with flavor and keep it from drying out while in the smoker.

To ensure that the venison does not dry out while smoking, you will need to use a smoker with a built-in water pan. This will help prevent the development of a thick oily coating known as creosote that can leave a bitter taste on the meat.

Smoking the venison

Smoking venison is one of the best ways to tenderize and add flavor to this lean meat. It also helps the jerky maintain its shape and consistency.

You’ll want to marinate your venison overnight or for a few hours before smoking it. A good marinade contains a variety of spices and herbs that help infuse the venison with flavor.

To smoke your venison, preheat your smoker to 200 F. Then add wood chips to the firebox at the bottom of the smoker or place them on the cooking grate to one side.

Once the smoker is hot, add the venison and close the door. Allow the venison to smoke for two to three hours, depending on the thickness of the meat.

Venison jerky is delicious and will keep for weeks in the refrigerator or freezer. It’s also a good source of protein, iron and B vitamins.

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